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Simply Balanced

Eating right with the USDA.

Simply Balanced © 2010 M.Addy

Nike X Factor

Running further with Nike.

X Factor by Nike © 2010 M.Addy

Marksman D Pen

Reversing the norm.

Marksman D © 2010 M.Addy

AAU Flash Drive

Addressing a market by being flexible.

AAU Flex Flash © 2010 M.Addy

Adidas Contour Sparring Vest

Not pink! Form fitting.

Adidas Contour © 2010 M.Addy

Dell Green Speak

Repurposing for a greater good.

Dell Greenspeak © 2010 M.Addy

Handle Study

Ergonomics doesn't mean round!

Handle Study © 2010 M.Addy


Where hard meets soft.

Light Play © 2010 M.Addy